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CORE-4 Achievers
Group Coaching Program


Do you have an emerging leader within your organization who exemplifies your values, and shows the kind of leadership characteristics you want to foster?

Are you ready to invest in their professional development, but not quite ready to go all-in with a one-to-one coaching engagement?


Well, my CORE-4 Achievers Program may be exactly what you’re looking for.

In my experience, even the most confident and powerful leaders have downhill thoughts & behaviors that ultimately hold them back from their greatest potential.

However, when they enter a safe container to explore their thinking and tap into the heart of their potential, they become the stellar leader on the inside what we witness on the outside.

That alignment produces the kind of leader who achieves remarkable results.


CORE-4 Achievers is that safe container for your emerging leader.


This three-month group coaching program is for those who are ready and willing to explore the thoughts & behaviors holding them back from becoming the kind of leader you want for your company.

The Details:

  • Two, bi-weekly, 90-minute group coaching sessions

    • 45-minutes of curriculum (see below)

    • 45-minutes of group coaching

  • Three individual Coaching sessions per participant

  • Six total participants per cohort


If you’re interested in chatting more to see if the program is right for your emerging leader, please reach out to me directly at

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