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The Predictive Index
Cognitive Assessment™

Predictive natural learning ability. Leverage one of the strongest predictors of job performance.




minutes to complete


multiple-choice items to solve


measures general cognitive ability

A candidate’s assessment score is an indication of their ability to absorb and process complex information, and their capacity to deal with the cognitive demands of a given position. Determine an individual’s ability to catch on quickly, figure things out on their own, and meet or exceed performance expectations.

Match To A Cognitive Target

When using the PI Cognitive Assessment companies should not necessarily look at whether a score is high or low – what matters is if the candidate’s score matches the cognitive demands of the job. To determine the cognitive demands for a job, set a target score with the PI Job Assessment or another standard-setting method. A match score then evaluates how well a candidate’s cognitive ability matches the demands of the role.


How Does the Assessment Work?

The Cognitive Assessment consists of 50 multiple-choice questions from three cognitive ability categories (Verbal, Numerical, and Abstract Reasoning) and nine subcategories. Results from the three categories represent the cognitive score, which is a measure of general cognitive ability.

10 Facts About the
PI Behavioral Assessment™

  1. When used for hiring, it’s used in conjunction with the PI Job Assessment.

  2. The BA takes only six minutes to complete (on average).

  3. It’s an untimed assessment.

  4. Assessment takers receive two lists of adjectives.

  5. The BA is a free-choice, stimulus-response assessment tool.

  6. Candidates can take it in the language of their choice.

  7. It measures four behavioral drives: Dominance, Extraversion, Patience, and Formality.

  8. The BA is a good indicator of a person’s workplace behavior.

  9. After someone takes the BA, they get their unique behavioral pattern.

  10. Assessment takers are also assigned one of 17 Reference Profiles.

10 Facts About the
PI Cognitive Assessment™

  1. It’s used in conjunction with the PI Job Assessment.

  2. The assessment takes 12 minutes to complete.

  3. It’s a timed assessment.

  4. Each candidate experiences a unique set of questions.

  5. We encourage assessment takers to complete practice tests in advance.

  6. Questions span three categories: numerical, abstract, and verbal.

  7. Assessment takers have the chance to answer 50 questions.

  8. The goal is to complete as many correct answers as possible within 12 minutes.

  9. We designed the CA to minimize cheating.

  10. There are no “good” or “bad” scores; view CA results in terms of job requirements.

Foster Employee Engagement

In North America, approximately 60% of employees are not engaged in the workplace. By using data-driven tools to select people with the natural abilities to succeed, it becomes easier to foster a workplace of employee engagement.

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