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Align Business Strategy and Talent Strategy

Talent optimization helps businesses avoid the sting of resignation and low employee engagement by putting people in roles where they soar.

In November 2021, The Predictive Index surveyed 326 executives about The Great Resignation. Not only did they share their thoughts on why their people are quitting, but also their own mounting frustrations with work.  This report shows that companies that have the best odds of combatting churn recognize the value of their people and put them in environments where they thrive. They’re achieving success with talent optimization.

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What is “Talent Optimization?”  

A four-part discipline focusing on the key drivers of high employee engagement.  Emerge Optimize provides the Talent Optimization platform, implementation, and training for you and your team to effectively achieve your business strategy and outperform your competitors.    


       Companies with the right people in the right roles have 42% lower turnover.

  • A staggering 76% percent of executives indicated they don’t have the right people in place for their strategy. That stat alone may raise some eyebrows, but here’s the kicker: 

  • Companies that do have the right people experience an average attrition rate of 13%, compared to 22% among their peers. (That’s a nine-point improvement, amounting to a 42 percent change).

2022 Report

The State of Talent Optimization

300+ executives reveal the cost of the “Big Quit”

and the top drivers of employee retention

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Turn Any Team Into A Dream Team

Join thousands of companies using our Team Design tools to build cohesive, collaborative, successful teams.

Our Team Design Tools Work With Any Team

The only tool that lets you see and improve any team’s chance of success.


Achieving team goals can be difficult even in the best of times. Throw in mistrust, miscommunication, and misalignment, and the obstacles start to stack up.


We help you understand what motivates your team, and identify and make necessary changes that lead to massive results—no matter the obstacle.



87% of companies that use Talent Optimization met or surpassed their goals in 2020

Find disengagement and fix it—so you can retain your people and build a best-in-class culture.

Give your employees a voice, and deeply understand their needs with quick, easy-to-answer pulse surveys. Get prescriptive recommendations to make a meaningful and lasting improvement in engagement.

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Track Your Company’s Overall Engagement Health, Without Hours Of Analysis

Understand the big picture at a glance with your Engagement Dashboard. Or, filter to the finest details to discover engagement trends by department, location, demographics, and performance level.

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