Fix Business Strategy Misalignment


We all know a team with the coworkers who vie to dominate meetings and push their respective opinions and agenda. They always seem to be rowing in the opposite direction. It’s no wonder these teams make zero progress! 

Misalignment like this in teams destroys companies, too. 


The PI Strategy Assessment is part of the PI Design solution, which ensures everyone rows in the same direction for business success. 


How does the PI Strategy Assessment work?


Step one


From a list of strategic items, senior leaders choose the ones they think the company should pursue. (Each statement maps to one of four strategy types.)


Step two


Senior leaders rate their confidence in the company’s ability to complete each strategic priority.


Step three


Senior leaders view alignment and misalignment between their behavioral profiles and their strategic priorities.

What happens after the assessment?

The second part of the PI Design solution is the Execute Strategy with Confidence workshop. 


In this workshop, we help you analyze the results of the PI Strategy Assessment, work through differences, agree upon a business strategy, and align your talent strategies accordingly.  


Why you need business strategy alignment


Don't let senior leaders get stuck pursuing competing goals and making poor decisions.  The PI Strategy Assessment  uncovers misalignment allowing execs to work through their disagreements and get on the same page. With a clear business strategy, leaders can design a supporting talent strategy and take on challenges like:

  • Finding the right talent

  • Aligning employees with the business strategy

  • Engaging your workforce

  • Creating a positive company culture

You can't fix misalignment and bigger company issues if you can't identify what they are and what strategy to use. The PI Strategy Assessment is the first step in this process. Determine if you want an Exploring strategy, a Producing strategy, a Stabilizing strategy, or a Cultivating strategy.


If you don’t get on the same page about strategy, you are taking your chances with actually achieving business success. Don’t waste any more time or money chasing after competing goals. Assess your strategy to: 

  • Put the right people in the right roles

  • Coach and inspire employees to be great

  • Retain your high performers


Start rowing in the same direction with alignment at the top.