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Time and time again we see companies jump to hire people for “what” they know and subsequently fire them for “who” they are.  We provide the analytics and training that help you to understand “who” you are hiring and how to best interview them long before your hiring decision.

Hiring employees who are naturally wired for the job results in higher employee engagement.  Top business leaders know and understand that high employee engagement provides a competitive edge across all business metrics.

What if you could increase on-the-job performance predictability by 70%+?


Hiring managers are typically good at assessing technical fit, but almost always guess at the most critical hiring criteria – behavioral drives.  Too often, the hiring team ends up with questions like this: “I am not sure if he/she is proactive enough for this role!”  Stop guessing about things like leadership capabilities, consensus building, proactive and assertive drives, and the ability to handle multiple priorities.  We provide you with the tools and training to apply people data to your hiring decisions, taking the guesswork out of the process and helping you to attract and select the highest quality talent for your teams. 


Do you want better candidates with the right combination of professional expertise, values, and engagement who have the learning abilities and natural behavioral fit for the job? 

What are the advantages of applying behavioral and cognitive data to your selection and hiring process? 

  • Increased employee retention

  • More effective onboarding process

  • Reduction of bias across your talent processes

  • Agreement on hiring team goals

  • Increased talent pool

  • Improve time to fill

  • Standardized behavioral-based interview questions

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