Employee Experience Survey


The Predictive Index Employee Experience Survey provides a standardized approach to understanding opportunities for improvement, organizational blindspots and specific action plans for improvement.  

What is the PI Employee Experience Survey?


The PI Employee Experience Survey measures employee engagement. It provides employees a chance to provide honest, confidential feedback in five categories:

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Take the guesswork out of your talent strategy and organizational decisions and start using the Predictive Index Employee Experience Survey.  Get concrete employee experience data with specific manager and team action plans.

It is time you know how engaged your people are and why as well as how to implement targeted improvement action plans automatically provided to your managers.

What makes the PI Employee Experience Survey unique?


The PI Employee Experience Survey provides personalized action plans. Why measure engagement if you don't know what to do with the data? As expert PI consultants, we help you determine your next steps with your customized action plans. 

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Get deeper insights with company-wide and team level reporting. Every manager gets their own personalized team report allowing managers to see exactly what needs to be fix on their teams.

Additionally, team-level reporting reflects high-performing teams allowing you to understand what’s working well so you can use that insight to develop your other managers and teams. 

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Take Action on Engagement Workshop​


Enable managers with the knowledge and confidence to discuss the results of the PI Employee Experience Survey with their teams and create action plans through the Take Action on Engagement Workshop.