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Apathy Got Your Employees Down?



Discover the cause of low employee engagement and take action to fix it.

Imagine You Have A Team Of 10 Employees Using A Rope to Pull A Boulder Up A Hill. 

  • Two people are pulling as hard as they can. 

  • Seven people are pulling—but not with all their energy.

  • One person is actively cutting the rope.


If your people are disengaged, this is what’s happening on your teams. And it’s preventing your company from reaching your team and overall business goals. 


Just imagine what your company could achieve if all employees were pulling with full force toward the same goal! The PI Diagnose solution allows you to see who is pulling at full force, who is only partially pulling, and who is cutting the rope. 

What Causes High Employee Engagement?

The four forces that destroy engagement can also drive engagement:

  1. Great Job Fit 

  2. Self-aware Managers

  3. Productive Team Dynamics

  4. Positive Culture

​Engaged Employees don't just do what they have to; they go above and beyond because of their emotional commitment to your company. 

Our PI Employee Experience Survey allows you to identify areas of strong engagement so you can keep improving upon the areas of success you already have. 


The Predictive Index Diagnose Solution

The PI Diagnose solution solves engagement problems—and helps you maintain high employee engagement. Through our PI software, workshops, and professional consulting, we give you the tools and knowledge you need to make engagement a priority and change your company into a top workplace.

How To Measure Engagement and Create an Action Plan

Start optimizing your talent by measuring employee engagement at your company. 

When you diagnose employee engagement with us, we will: 

  • Analyze engagement on a company-wide level

  • Analyze engagement on a team-wide level

  • Determine what’s causing low engagement

  • Determine what’s causing high engagement 

  • Help you take action to solve problems and gain successes

Virtual Team Meeting

Take Action on Your Engagement Data

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