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Are Your Managers Prepared
To Lead and Develop Their Teams?



Empower your managers to create and motivate high-performing teams.

Are Your Managers Struggling?

We've all seen it, a manager struggling to motivate and bring a cohesive team together. Unfortunately, poor manager performance is the number driver of low employee engagement. 

The Predictive Index solution enables managers to empower their team members by understanding what drives each individual and customizing their management style up front.


Inspire More.

Managers leverage PI Inspire tools to gain self-awareness for themselves and their team members and improve employee development, coaching, and employee engagement.  With our software platform, client enablement support, workshops, and professional consulting, we give you the tools and knowledge you need to develop high-performing managers and leaders. 


Relationship Guide

Conflict among employees? Compare two people to see how they work together—and get tips for improving the relationship

Management Strategy Guide

Give your managers a hand with this guide. They won't have to guess with this tool that will provide advice on how to manage based on direct reports' motivators and needs.

What Tools Do You Give Your Managers?


What tools could you leverage to turn things around on your team? Build your manager toolbox with PI Inspire:​​​


Develop Self-Awareness

  • PI Behavioral Assessment

  • Manager Development Chart

  • Management Strategy Guide

  • Manager Coaching Guide

Empower Teams

  • Team Work Styles

  • Group Analytics

Develop Employees

  • PI Behavioral Assessment

  • Personal Development Chart

  • Coaching Guide

Foster 1:1 Relationships

  • Relationship Guide

  • Predictive Index Placecards

Virtual Team Meeting

Develop Leaders at Every Level

Serene Gradient

Fight Disengagement
On Your Teams

Fight the four forces that destroy engagement:

  • A misalignment between the employee and their Job

  • A misalignment between the employee and their manager

  • A misalignment between the employee and the People on their team

  • A misalignment between the employee and the Organization


Most companies don’t consider how team and manager fit affects employee engagement.  Avoid disengagement, conflict, and toxicity by starting with using the PI Behavioral Assessment for hiring.    

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